I’m passionate about bringing clarity to the unknown.

I help brands produce digital strategy, storytelling, design and brand marketing. I’m a creative with a business acumen. I define the unknown, taking creative teams to the finish line.






Peter W. Shultz, former president and CEO of Porsche, is famously credited for saying, “Hire character. Train skill.” I agree with this thinking, believing that it’s important to find products, clients, employers and colleagues who align with my personal values.




Skilled at translating complex ideas into clear, visual stories in PowerPoint or Keynote. Highly versed strategic planning in Word, budgeting in Excel, building sites and forms in SharePoint and collaborating in O365 or Google Docs to optimize all areas of business.


Digitally savvy personally and professionally while obsessing the latest trends. Experienced building WordPress websites leveraging user experience design principles, visual design thinking, themes, CSS/HTML and shortcode, hosting services, analytics and more to build digital destinations for brands.


Creative design thinker who iterates on wireframes, prototypes, design and models to gather agile feedback to land on solutions that generate results. Graphic design, photography, video and art collaborator with a keen eye for aesthetic in Adobe Creative Suite 6, editing and building materials for digital and print campaigns.


Highly capable of producing quality, relevant and sophisticated editorial content — blogs, tweets, updates, videos and more — for a variety of audiences. Experienced integrating Campaign Monitor, Cision, Hootsuite, Mail Chimp, Optify, Salesforce, Sprout Social and more to increase word of mouth marketing.



Masters in Business Administration, Smartly

2017 to 2018 • Portland, Ore.

Contract Marketing Planning + Operations Manager, NIKE, Inc.

June 2017 to Present • Portland, Ore.

Serve as chief of staff to the Planning + Performance Senior Director, delivering strategic thinking, managing a multi-million-dollar budget, aligning priorities.

Digital Producer, GRAYBOX

December 2016 to April 2017 • Portland, Ore.

Led teams through digital marketing, website and e-commerce website projects and sprints, serving as a strategic partner with the client.

General Assembly User Experience Design Course

July 2016 to September 2016 • Portland, Ore.

Communications Manager,  NIKE, Inc.

May 2015 to November 2016 • Portland, Ore.

Executed a multi-year, digital communications strategy in partnership with global agencies and internal partners to excite employees around Nike’s workplace of the future.

Nike Career Mapping Workshop

March 2015 • Portland, Ore.

Landmark Communications Courses

July 2016 and August 2016 • Portland, Ore.

Communications Manager, NIKE, Inc.

May 2013 to May 2015 • Portland, Ore.

Provided creative direction to a team of communicators, designers and videographers to increase awareness, understanding and adoption of global Technology initiatives.

Nike DISC Workshop

March 2015 • Portland, Ore.

Nike Create Your Personal Brand Workshop

March 2016 • Portland, Ore.

Strategist, COO + Owner, Cargill Communications Corp.

February 2013 to December 2015 • Portland, Ore.

Managed all aspects of running an agency – pitches, proposals, contracts, projects, deliverables, invoicing, and relationships – with 20+ clients in 5+ states.

Nike Insights Training

May 2014 • Portland, Ore.

Contributing Editor + Digital Project Manager, Getting Smart

July 2011 to February 2013 • Portland, Ore.

Attended 20+ conferences globally to publish 400+ editorial articles while delivering public relations pitches, news releases, speaker media kits, social media analyses and website analyses for clients.

Landmark Forum, Advanced Course and Self-Expression + Leadership Program

2014 • Portland, Ore.

Nike Coaching+

April 2014 • Portland, Ore.

Social Media Specialist, Inspiration Software, Inc.

July 2010 to July 2011

Managed corporate social media, ghostwrote 100+ blogs for the company president and fostered relationships with 50+ top-tier customers to build product advocacy.

Nike Transition Management 101

September 2013 • Portland, Ore.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Emphasis in Public Relations, Minor in Economics, University of Oregon

2006 to 2010 • Eugene, Ore.



Great strategy, design or product begins with understanding the problem. Uncovering pain points and opportunity comes from detailed research, a combination of industry data, interviews, focus groups, surveys, usability testing, utilization studies and more.

Sometimes the most creative, impactful ideas are the simplest. Returning to pragmatic, logical and organized thinking that balances the creative with process often can uncover the right tools to get after the root of any problem.

Design thinking requires relentless iteration on wireframes, prototypes, designs and models to gather feedback until intuitive, accessible and usable solutions have been landed for the majority — if not all — stakeholders.

Compelling and captivating stories prove to be the spark for word of mouth marketing to light fire time-and-again. Nancy Duarte inspires us to speak like history’s greats with the Sparkline Theory while Simon Sinek tells us the importance of starting with why. I believe in blending best practices in visual and verbal storytelling to speak with authenticity, interest and engagement.

Tangible marketing materials are what round out a campaign, making new introductions, communicating more clearly in meetings and continuing the conversation long after the initial encounter. Thoughtful marketing materials and collateral build brand awareness and understanding in a way that can be touched, felt and experienced.

Creating a meaningful or impactful message begins first with an understanding of the audience. I believe in qualitative and quantitative data, obsessing the consumer and delving into the thoughts and feelings that drive decisions.

No two companies or goals are alike. Each strategy needs to be unique, carry an edge and create distinction from the noise. Whether it’s a quick turnaround project or full fledge campaign, it’s important to keep the end in mind — be it increasing market awareness, engaging a broader audience or building stronger relationships with customers.

Visual and verbal language play equal roles in defining the emotional experience of a space, event, campaign or message. Consistency between channels is what unifies a brand voice in a highly recognizable, relatable brand experience.

Without relevancy, messages, campaigns and experiences fall on deaf ears and blind eyes — proving to be costly and timely to businesses. The solution? Stay current, follow trends, predict technologies, take risks, lean in to the future — to anticipate the needs, desires and dreams of the consumer.

Results-driven strategies require measurable targets, benchmarks and goals. If a tactic or task doesn’t have measurable impact, it’s likely a waste of talent, time and money.


“Be where the world is going.”

— Beth Comstock 


Portland, Ore.